How to change the language?
We offer six languages now displays by your location. You can also click setting button in the upper right corner to select a different language.

How do I register?
You simply press the registration button in the upper right corner, contingent can upload personal picture and fill in personal information is complete, we will send the first password to your e-mail. So you can login any time to share wine tasting experience.
You also can registration by Facebook and Google account , will be more easier and faster.

Forgot your password how to do?
You need to press log on and then select Forgot password, we will send a new password to your e-mail.

Forgot Login Email how to do?
We are sorry, without any way recall your login email now.

Why not receive password e-mail?
If your email not correct or your mailbox treated our e-mail as junk, that will not receive password e-mail. If the e-mail add correct, you may try to regain your password by Forgot password.

How do I change my personal information and password?
Just press the upper right corner of your name, and select Edit or Change Password.

How do I change my personal image?
Go to your profile page click your image, and you can upload a new image.

How to publish a new note?
Just cilck the Add New Note on thte top, you can easily upload photos and share your experiences.

Why I can't upload pictures on mobile?
If the image is too large will make mobile devices difficult to handle, set the resolution to 2 megapixels is sufficient.

How to score?
We using a 100points system, respectively: 5 on Colour; 15 on Nose; 20 on Palate & Finish; 10 on Potential

How to share outside images, links, youtube videos and vimeo videos?
You just have to write the full path on your note content, and must include 'http'. For example:

How to share to other platforms?
Just go to the page of your notes, press different platform sharing icon.

Other people will know my email address?
Others will not see your email address, message only be transferred on web page.

Other Notes 
  Quinta Monte Dorio Tribute Antonio Carqueijeiro Red 2001
Portugal Point: 92
2014-02-21 0 Reply
  Cragganmore 12years old 2000
United Kingdom Scatland Point: 68
2013-05-22 0 Reply
  La Parde de Haut-Bailly 2009
France Pessac Leognan Point: 87
2013-07-26 0 Reply
  Chateau La Couspaude 2009
France Saint-Emilion Point: 92
2015-04-10 0 Reply
  Chateau Le Moulin 2002
France Pomerol Point: 91
2013-02-27 0 Reply
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